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Visual Storytelling in the Apple Ad “Your Verse”

What will your verse be? This fundamental question is at the core of the new Apple Ad – Your Verse. Narrated by Robin Williams, Apple’s ad reflects the core purpose of the tech that Apple crafts for the creative person inside everyone. Apple has a companion visual web site that explores the behind-the-scenes of this [...]

Lightweight Crash-Resistant Flying Gimball

An insect can bounce off mirrors and windows and go on happily. Most autonomous flying vehicles don’t fare so well in a collision. Look at how these Swiss researchers at EPFL solved this problem with a crash-resistant flying vehicle.

MIT Robot “M-Blocks” Pioneer Modular Self-Assembly

If you need a unique type of robot for unique terrains and situations, then the MIT robots shown in this video might just be for you. They are pioneers of self-assembly and and not only move, but jump. They also do this with no external moving parts. The experts said it couldn’t be done. But [...]

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