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The Visual Web Always Wins: Why Photos Rule the Internet

“2014 will be the year of short form sound, sight and motion… gifs, vine and instagram videos will deliver greater viewership and higher engagement than long-form. Agencies will compete over who can tell the shortest stories with the biggest impact. Consumers will be charmed as their attention spans continue to deteriorate!” —Julie FleischerDirector, Media & Consumer Engagement, Kraft Foods source: Photos are Eating the Internet Every minute tens of thousands of images are uploaded to Tumblr and Instagram. This number is growing by the second as people snap selfies, photograph their food, and capture historical events as they unfold. Facebook alone has over a quarter of a trillion photos. Pinterest-ification of the Web The internet has always loved images, but we’re just now enjoying the screen resolutions and bandwidth speeds to make the visual web a rich experience. It was not that long ago when websites were a vast sea of blue links. eBay had images on the home page 13 years ago, but these were gifs that slowly downloaded through dialup modems. This year we’ll see the rise of the “4K display” with ~4000 horizontal pixels, and the continued roll-out of high-resolution tablets. We are sure to see more sites default to a river of endless images not unlike Pinterest Boards and image-rich Tumblr Blogs. Photojournalism Meets the Visual Web Photos tell stories in a glance. We can see and feel emotion instantly and grasp the rapture of a nature photo. Journalists and respected news organizations have taken to Instagram to publish their work. Your Eyes Were Made for Scanning Whether we are scrapbooking, window shopping, or...

Visual Storytelling in the Apple Ad “Your Verse”

What will your verse be? This fundamental question is at the core of the new Apple Ad – Your Verse. Narrated by Robin Williams, Apple’s ad reflects the core purpose of the tech that Apple crafts for the creative person inside everyone. Apple has a companion visual web site that explores the behind-the-scenes of this ad. via Apple – iPad Air – TV Ad – Your Verse – YouTube. Watch Robin Williams in the original scene from Dead Poets...
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