IT Conversations: Ray Kurzweil – When Humans Transcend Biology

Ray Kurzweil discusses his work with Terry Grossman, M.D. on the three stages of life extension and how technology advances and the law of accelerating returns will boost the human life span to unimagined lengths.

In this address from Accelerating Change 2005, Ray Kurzweil outlines his startling predictions for the next twenty-five years. Based on recent progress in the fields of neurobiology and nanotechnology, Kurzweil predicts significant strides in the fight against disease and aging, as well as the augmentation of the human mind. In the future, the line between biology and technology will blur and eventually become irrelevant.

While there are many concerns about the impact of new technologies on human existence, Ray Kurzweil presents a vision of the future that is unequivocally positive. This perspective suggests a future where humanity is aided by our interaction with technology and potential pitfalls are mitigated by smart technological solutions. Kurzweil offers an amazing picture for our future, one in which many of us will live to participate.