Cosmic Duality: Taurus & Aquarius

In order to understand astrology more deeply, I decided to study astrology and create portraits based the archetypal energies of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

This exploration, explores the stark contrast of a feminine earth sign, Taurus, and masculine air sign, Aquarius. Taurus lives in the present, Aquarius, the future.

Taurus, the Earth Mother, embodies a tactile connection with life. Warm, earthy tones paint her world. Her emerald jewelry reflects her love for aesthetic and beauty. Her strong gaze and soft smile reflect her compassion and patience.

Aquarius, in contrast, represents the airy spirit of innovation, rebellion, and freedom. The Air Goddess, in electric blues and violet hues, exudes light, a raw, unfettered symbol of her vibrant energy and innovation. Aquarius’ clever knowing look, reflects her confident, cocky nature.

The striking contrast between these two signs reveals more than either standing alone. We can imagine the visionary air sign, Aquarius sparking ideas that the pragmatic, earthly Taurus grounds into reality. Their differences complete each other in a yin-yang of elements, essences, and energies.

—These images were created with free Open Source AI software called Stable Diffusion. Like a photographer with a model, I created and discarded hundreds of renders before selecting these.

These are low-resolution images, the final images are 3072px and 10MB in size. In quintessential Gemini form, I have countless ideas for prints, posters, calendars, and books. I’ll let you know as these materialize.

I hope you enjoy this celestial journey to explore the interplay of the energies in their purest form. May these archetypes help us feel, understand, and connect with the cosmic forces within us.


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July 13, 2023