Fire and Water: Aries & Pisces

In order to understand astrology more deeply, I decided to study the Zodiac signs and create portraits based their archetypal energies.

I’m creating pairs of portraits to explore the contrasts between the signs. My hope is that these contrasts will more deeply reveal their unique elements.

This exploration explores the stark contrast of the masculine fire sign, Aries, and the feminine water sign, Pisces.

Aries, embodies the fearless leader, a fiery soul ready to forge her path. My goal in creating this portrait of Aries archetype was to capture her essence with a fiery palette. Her direct gaze, and assertive energy, pay homage to Aries’ ruling planet, Mars. Rendered in cinematic lighting, Aries is depicted with vitality and strength.

I rendered Pisces in the dreamy, mysterious depths of the ocean. Governed by Neptune, the planet of dreams, illusions, and the subconscious, Pisces is the mystic of the Zodiac. The dreamy expression in her eyes reflects Pisces far off, imaginative world. This piece attempts to capture the reflective and intuitive nature of Pisces, her connection with the spiritual and the ethereal.

Aries starts the Zodiac, Pisces completes it. Aries reflects the spark of creation, the alpha. Pisces, reflects the completion of the cycle, the omega.

—These images were created with free Open Source AI software called Stable Diffusion. Like a photographer with a model, I created and discarded hundreds of candidates before selecting these.

These are low-resolution images, the final images are 3072px and 10MB in size. In quintessential Gemini form, I have countless ideas for prints, posters, calendars, and books. I’ll let you know as these materialize.

I hope you enjoy exploring these energies as much as I do. May these archetypes help us feel, understand, and connect with the cosmic forces within us.

—I want to thank Logan, Jaime , Tracy, and of course, Cynthia, for inspiring me to better know myself and others through astrology.


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July 13, 2023